The biggest blank canvas

We have room for virtually any project, with a huge open floor-space and access for the largest of equipment.

  • Uninterrupted floor space 42 metres wide x 39 metres long (1,600 square metres)
  • Height clearance of 18.5 metres – enough to drive in any truck or rig
  • 500 tonne weight capacity in roof

Best equipped, best placed

From air-conditioned dressing rooms to a helipad on the roof, we have considered everything that a band, theatre, film or TV production company could possibly need and equipped FBN Studios with the very best.

FBN Studios is in the centre of England, just south of Birmingham, and well served by the main motorways (M5, M42, M40), rail networks and Birmingham International Airport. Getting to and from FBN Studios is easy.

Our location, close to Birmingham in the centre of England, gives us easy access to specialist manufacturers and suppliers, wherever they are based in the world.

And when your show or production hits the road, we can reach any UK venue, and even European cities such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, in a single drive.

Part of a bigger picture

And, of course our parent company, Fly By Nite operates a full range of vehicles, including extra-height trucks to accommodate huge set-pieces.